Ha Giang , specially in this time of year is so “hot” in every Vietnam holiday package, from World wide wed with many different photos of Tam Giac Mach and a large number of lovely women, which are shot from the most suitable camera position, to real holiday package which tend to be thoroughly furnished with legs combined with arms armour, and even motorbikes attached by flags.

I go back the North after a number of full-year. Just last year, I toured in Autumn Festival Season, and also went over to great rugged plateaus. This time, I when “tam giac mach” blossoms are in complete bloom. After one year, I have become different quite a lot. That time, from Da Nang to the North, I cautiously arranged for a tour to half of Vietnam, with all the things needed. Now, I have nothing other than a 65-lit backpack, a personal computer for working, without motorcycle, or armour, or even headgear. On the daytime we began, my pal lent me an age old street bike, which took me 500.000 vnd to have it repaired. While everyone was guarded with protection things, I only just dressed in a three holes t-shirt. I desire to try the thoughts of driving across the mountain pass when cold blow sweeps over the body. I feel I have improved slightly, I have simplified every thing, and have came up with a much more better out-look than before. Maybe because of that, we were the most strangest groups on the mountain pass.
Nevertheless, Ha Giang doesn’t change a bit. The road winds and also twists around rugged mountains as if some-one had put a ribbon of silk for years without keeping in mind to take back. The palatial together with stunning rugged mountain ranges are interleaved with green places of the bushes living on the rocks, the breath-taking valleys, as well as the different types of natural trees on the two borders of the way. We continued to drive across the way, enjoying the sky of the first and foremost region of the country

Ah, I really should write about Tam Giac Mach, the real cause why even Ma Pi Leng are drown in traffic. Giac Mach at this time has got into its season, and as a consequence small petals have begun to turn light pink colored. Though the Giac Mach fields are not as substantial and so charming as in the pictures, they provide money to local people. 10.000 for a picture, they have 150.000 – 200.000 in a day, not a tiny sum of money for upland men or women.
I will undoubtedly go to see Ha Giang again someday.

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